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adjunct / адъюнкт, дополнение, придаток
имя существительное
adjunct, adjoint
addition, complement, supplement, annex, addendum, adjunct
appendage, adjunct, appendix, appurtenant, appurtenance, affix
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
a thing added to something else as a supplementary rather than an essential part.
computer technology is an adjunct to learning
a word or phrase used to amplify or modify the meaning of another word or words in a sentence.
The LION database of English poetry has 144 instances of ‘under God’, and quite a few of them seem to me to be unambiguously locative adjuncts modifying noun phrases.
имя прилагательное
connected or added to something, typically in an auxiliary way.
other alternative or adjunct therapies include immunotherapy
Mary Louise Wilson is adjunct professor at the University of Miami, teaching in the School of Music and the School of Education.
Sometimes he is also assisted by an adjunct who will later represent him during absences.
Users of homeopathy most commonly seek help for chronic health problems and rely on the complementary approach as an adjunct to conventional medical care.
When a sentence-initial adjunct needs to connect to a specific noun phrase deep in the following material, it can be confusing.
Dr. Cynthia Jacobs Carter is director of development for Howard University and an adjunct professor at Georgetown University.
The percentage of cheaper classes taught by adjunct instructors is increasing as well.
She is currently adjunct curator at Presentation House Gallery.
Michael Cockram is an adjunct assistant professor of architecture at the University of Oregon.
Optical mammography, for example, will probably find first use as an adjunct to conventional mammography rather than as a replacement.
By adding capacity to primary care practices, these group sessions can become an adjunct to open access scheduling.