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adjudicate / судить, выносить приговор, разрешать спор
judge, try, referee, adjudicate, view
выносить приговор
adjudicate, adjudge, convict, condemn, judge
разрешать спор
make a formal judgment or decision about a problem or disputed matter.
the committee adjudicates on all betting disputes
Only the judicial system can properly adjudicate criminal guilt.
He is also regularly invited to adjudicate at choral competitions including the 2002 Sainsbury's Choir of the Year Competition.
One of your gripes is the length of time they take to adjudicate on disciplinary matters.
Their decision is final but they cannot adjudicate in matters relating to any authority for which they have worked during the past ten years.
However, Ms Irvine warned that it was too easy for the Commission to believe ‘its foremost function is to adjudicate between a complainant and respondent.’
She said these were the State agencies with the necessary expertise required to adjudicate on these matters.
How could a court ever adjudicate between a legislature's claim that a particular exercise of liberty is ‘immoral’ and a defendant's contrary claim that it is not?
The important point is that the High Court in London will adjudicate on this matter.
Those judging artistic impression look for creativity and flair in the routine and, rather than breaking down performance as the technical judges do, they adjudicate on the overall feel.
Under article III of the Constitution, the Federal judiciary has the power to adjudicate cases arising under the laws of the United States.