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adjudge / присуждать, выносить приговор, приговаривать
award, confer, adjudge
выносить приговор
adjudicate, adjudge, convict, condemn, judge
sentence, condemn, adjudge
consider or declare to be true or the case.
she was adjudged guilty
The court which declares the recognisance to be forfeited may, instead of adjudging any person to pay the whole sum in which he is bound, adjudge him to pay part only of the sum or remit the sum.
The family has been adjudged to be guilty of a crime by association, with the newspaper columnists acting as judge and jury.
He thereby manifested what can only be considered an insolent disregard of this Court's adjudgments .
The player was then adjudged to have brought down Fyssas on the edge of the penalty area but the resulting free-kick from Basinas was blocked by the defensive wall.
He is adjudged too sick by doctors to move from the hospital, but he hopes to leave for an ‘unspecified’ location to spend his last days with his family.
Quinn did have the ball in the back of the net at one point, but was adjudged offside.
Their only success was another quick penalty when Dinnington were finally adjudged offside.
Conceding a line-out, York then saw visiting flanker Rob Tilford burrow over the line only for him to be adjudged to have been held up to prompt a huge sigh of home relief at the final whistle.
Beverley were adjudged off-side and Hewitt added the three points to complete his side's tally.
The weather was adjudged too cold to risk a full tour of the estate's 1,250 acres for Mudie's benefit, although he was taken on a cursory walk around the most impressive rooms.