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adjoining / прилегающий, примыкающий, соседний
имя прилагательное
adjoined, adjoining, contiguous, clinging, accumbent
adjacent, adjoining, adjoined, abutting, osculant
neighboring, neighbor, adjacent, nearby, next, adjoining
имя прилагательное
(of a building, room, or piece of land) next to or joined with.
I was in an adjoining room and could hear voices
be next to and joined with (a building, room, or piece of land).
the dining room adjoins a small library
All too soon you will be shepherded into an adjoining area for the actual tasting.
The planned development in Lowndes Square is currently two adjoining townhouses, which were split into nine separate apartments in 1998.
There might be problems in connection with overlooking adjoining buildings, or rights to light implications.
His remains were removed to the Church of the Assumption in Templeorum, followed by burial in the adjoining cemetery.
The university subsequently expanded the Belfield Campus portfolio to include adjoining properties.
Following Requiem Mass burial took place in the adjoining cemetery the next day.
Some live in restricted areas in the West Bank, some in adjoining Arab countries, some in the United States.
The plant has a rural location with an adjoining farm which is also owned by the business.
We will now be able to sell the remaining part of the adjoining block to recoup some of our costs.
Removal took place from Castlebar Hospital to Barnacarroll Church with burial in the adjoining cemetery following Requiem Mass celebrated by Fr. Colm Burke.