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adjoin / примыкать, прилегать, граничить
adjoin, abut, abut upon, flank, accede, range
border, abut, neighbor, adjoin, march, bound
be next to and joined with (a building, room, or piece of land).
the dining room adjoins a small library
I walked through the briefing room, which adjoined his office.
To the right of the entrance hall lies a drawing room while to the left is the library, which in turn adjoins the dining room.
The kitchen, which adjoins the dining room, is fitted with a good range of built-in floor and wall presses as well as a breakfast bar, illuminated worktops, a tiled splashback and double sink.
Anyway this juice bar was set up on the sidewalk adjoining another store.
The bank has been popular with senior citizens residing in Matunga and adjoining areas.
A gifted mechanic, he founded a flourishing garage adjoining his home in Ashford.
We spent at least three hours putting everything where instructed in the living room, dining room and kitchen, which adjoined the dining room, separated by a breakfast bar.
Backed up against the old stone wall, the building adjoins the main house and faces south across a newly planted garden.
A small reception building with offices, reception and a room for tasting adjoins the bottling plant, reasserting a sense of human scale after the magnitude of the industrial spaces.
He walked out in the dining room which adjoined the living room.