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adit / штольня, галерея, проход
имя существительное
gallery, tunnel, adit, level, grove
gallery, portico, passage, adit
pass, passage, aisle, passageway, gangway, adit
имя существительное
a horizontal passage leading into a mine for the purposes of access or drainage.
The mine's three adits lie in the Shinarump conglomerate member of the Triassic Chinle Formation.
For the next ten years it was leased to tributors who worked the old stopes of the conglomerate lode above the adit level.
By May 2004, more than 10,000 tons of high-grade ore had been mined from this adit .
The bright ‘one way’ sign in the corner of a photograph of an adit on the Langley asbestos mine in Prieska catches the eye.
During winter 1900-1901 Leon Estivant, the French owner of the mine, sunk a shaft and drove an adit on a fissure vein in a hill just south of the main Clark mine.
It has both a vertical shaft and an adit to an incline, which we and several mine officials entered in a small bus.
The mule train would have entered the mine through an adit .
The strategy for the second year was to drive a new tunnel, branching to the northeast from the main adit near the mine entrance.
Two shafts and an adit were ultimately driven, but Dunham reported that recorded output of lead concentrates for this period was fairly low.
Armed with large circular screens, we worked the pocket remains in a small stream that ran past the mine adit .
The Jomac mine's three adits lie within the Glen Canyon National Recreation Area boundary.