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adieu / прощание
имя существительное
parting, farewell, goodbye, bye, leave, adieu
имя существительное
a goodbye.
he whispered a fond adieu
And believe it or not, it's ciao, adieu and a big, fat ‘cheerio, babe!’
On this occasion it is to Henry the parliamentarian that we are bidding adieu , as he is dislodged from his Central Fife fiefdom by an ungrateful Labour movement.
I'm somewhat rattling on - adieu , and very good post Mr. Johnson!
Before bidding her adieu , I said, ‘Saroja, you are dreaming of Utopia.’
they bade us all adieu
he whispered a fond adieu
In other words, it's impossible to adapt anymore, so adieu .
Anyway, it's very late, I'm very tired and very sick so I shall bid you all adieu !
While the invitees were taken in the same coaches back to the capital, the children formed a ‘human train’ from their coach to the other rakes to thank them and bid adieu .
Charles Jenkins concluded: ‘Ultimately he loved Europe and not only for its wagon-lits (railway sleeping cars) and that is why I end by saying adieu .’