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adhesion / адгезия, прилипание, сцепление
имя существительное
adhesion, sticking, adherence
clutch, adhesion, coupling, linkage, cohesion, adherence
имя прилагательное
adhesion, adhesive
имя существительное
the action or process of adhering to a surface or object.
the adhesion of the Scotch tape to the paper
an abnormal union of membranous surfaces due to inflammation or injury.
endoscopic surgery for pelvic adhesions
The protection of minorities, which is one of the political criteria for adhesion to the European Union, has led to programs aimed at improving the lot of Gypsies in central Europe.
However, there was a substantial difference in adhesion to collagen-coated plates.
The strong adhesion that occurs between the bitumen and mineral aggregate enables the bitumen to act as a binder, with the mineral aggregate providing mechanical strength for the road.
The product cures in four hours without gassing or pinholes, while exhibiting strong adhesion to the surface.
These pressures are likely to create more conflict within the party than the adhesion to an orthodox economic policy.
Where normal street tyres would be screaming in protest, approaching the very high limit of adhesion in a bend produces chirping noises from the Cup tyres.
He is indued in his flannels; face, arms, and legs, body all being covered, so as nearly to resemble a man in chain armour, from the adhesion of the burrs.
This type of failure occurs when the adhesion of the sealant to the substrate it was applied to fails.
In 1899, he stood with his family and his people, while his uncle touched the pen on behalf of his band to signify the signing of an adhesion to Treaty 8.
the front tires were struggling for adhesion