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adhere / придерживаться, прилипать, твердо придерживаться
stick, adhere, follow, keep, abide, keep to
cling, adhere, clave, cleave, glue, clam
твердо придерживаться
adhere, abide by
stick fast to (a surface or substance).
paint won't adhere well to a greasy surface
On the inner elements, it is necessary for the tape to adhere to the surface in order to damp out vibrations.
You will need to use a melamine primer on the doors, so that the new paint will adhere to the surface, then choose new handles.
Certainly, playing on a collegiate team isn't easy, requiring a student to adhere to a rigorous practice and study schedule.
A paint's ability to adhere to a surface will vary with the type and quality of resins it contains.
the people adhere to the Muslim religion
Someone needs to audit doctors to determine how well they adhere to best practices.
The association also holds cat shows and judges them based on how closely they adhere to the standards.
This ability to adhere to surfaces is lost when an insect's feet become covered in particles.
They have to believe that we, rather than some distant authority, adhere to high standards - and practice what we preach.
Some spiders have another seeming superpower: an ability to adhere to sheer surfaces, even when upside down.