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adequate / адекватный, достаточный, соответствующий
имя прилагательное
sufficient, enough, adequate, ample, satisfactory, bountiful
corresponding, appropriate, suitable, fit, adequate, correct
быть достаточным
suffice, adequate, do, last out, go round, last
имя прилагательное
satisfactory or acceptable in quality or quantity.
this office is perfectly adequate for my needs
The strike date is set for later this month to allow adequate time for negotiations early in the New Year.
The main drain isn't adequate to take away waste water from the fishmongers' kiosks.
The band simply didn't have the time or resources to find an adequate replacement for Frank.
The infrastructure is not adequate to take the amount of traffic there is now.
They should supply us with adequate refuse and recycling units, then many would recycle.
Students heading off to university are being urged to check they have adequate insurance.
There were two car-parking spots for each dwelling and he thought access was adequate .
Allocation of adequate resources for research in these fields is highly desirable.
We concentrated on the failure of the trust to give the school fair treatment and adequate support.
They point to figures that show current oil supplies are more than adequate to satisfy demand.