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adept / знаток, эксперт
имя существительное
expert, connoisseur, scholar, adept, judge, fancier
expert, examiner, judge, assessor, adept, craftsmaster
имя прилагательное
cunning, adept, skilled, skillful, skilful, clever
versed, adept, conversant, experienced, read, well-grounded
capable, able, apt, gifted, clever, adept
имя прилагательное
very skilled or proficient at something.
he is adept at cutting through red tape
имя существительное
a person who is skilled or proficient at something.
they are adepts at kung fu and karate
She has never driven a car but was very adept at handling a pony and cart.
There was also a mounted element of crossbowmen equally adept at reconnaissance and pursuit.
It is tempting to suppose it was the result of adept management.
He is very adept at using his body to shield defenders from making plays on the ball.
He's very adept at seeing a play develop, and that gets him to the right spot at the right time.
He also was very adept at picking up on people's weaknesses and teasing them, ruffling some feathers.
Hummingbirds are very adept at sipping nectar from any or all these plant groups.
But he was also adept at deploying nearly everything that came to hand for promoting evolutionary theory.
These wars were difficult affairs against enemies who were as technically adept as the Normans themselves.
We're quite adept at picking out what it is we don't like about other human beings.