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adduce / приводить, представлять
drive, bring, lead, put, reduce, adduce
represent, present, introduce, furnish, perform, adduce
cite as evidence.
a number of factors are adduced to explain the situation
Editors at the New York Times did not need to be clairvoyant to adduce the massive evidence to that effect.
It does not require even half an education to guess why he feels obliged to adduce flimsy evidence and extrapolate fanciful conclusions from it.
We ruled that the appellant could and should call him and, in the first instance, adduce whatever evidence he now wished to give.
They adduce no evidence for this proposition, beyond the intuition that giving three vaccines simultaneously is too much for the infantile immune system.
That was a case where diminished responsibility was not raised at the trial but it was later sought to adduce medical evidence on the issue.
There may well be cases in which it would be not necessary to adduce such evidence - as for instance, if an architect omitted to provide a front door to the premises.
Secondly, there has never been adduced a body of evidence that demonstrates the need to make a new crime out of a hitherto legitimate activity.
A certain amount of evidence was adduced on this point.
I do not see what responsibility the Minister of Police has for evidence adduced by Crown counsel during a trial.
Yet he adduces no evidence to contradict this point.