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addressee / адресат, получатель
имя существительное
destination, addressee
recipient, receiver, destination, addressee, allottee
имя существительное
the person to whom something, typically a letter, is addressed.
The post gradually stacks up in messy piles, until it eventually gets removed by one or other of the addressees , many of whom still appear to have a door-key.
So if I was not the intended addressee of the chain letter, I could harvest and sell the addresses.
They will be delivered to the addressee in gift packs, with personal messages.
the contents of the letters were calculated to cause distress to the individual addressee
My ballot papers arrived but with the wrongly-named addressee .
The information in this email is intended for the addressee only.
It may not be disclosed to, or used by, anyone other than the addressee .
One, sent to London, was delivered to the addressee the following day.
Perhaps the addressee already knows the information in the telegram because he has been watching over you.
The postman is forced to meet the addressee only when registered posts or money orders are delivered.
The scam letter, which has already been sent to businesses in the area, falsely claims that the addressee must register under the Data Protection Act.