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addle / тухлый, пустой, испорченный
имя прилагательное
rotten, addle
empty, blank, vacant, unoccupied, idle, addle
spoiled, depraved, tainted, damaged, corrupt, addle
muddle, muss, bumble, ball up, muddle up, addle
spoil, deteriorate, corrupt, rot, decay, addle
go out, become rotten, addle
make unable to think clearly; confuse.
being in love must have addled your brain
имя прилагательное
(of an egg) rotten.
He knew the drugs Paul had given him would addle his brain, but surely not to the extent he couldn't follow a conversation with his little brother.
The Bethany Bash is to be held this Friday and Saturday and aptly called ‘Double Bheja Fry’ because it promises to addle your brains with fun and frolic.
He felt silly that he'd allowed her muddled ravings to addle him in the first place.
He knew that the boy was the ringleader of the group, and was trying to addle him before they attacked.
I think the alcohol from last night has addled your brain, because you couldn't be more far off.
Has that second bottle of Beaujolais addled his brain, inducing some kind of hallucinatory fever?
It must have really addled his brain for him not to understand something this basic and this obvious.
‘Your friend,’ stated Jeff and went to his own room, no doubt to immerse himself in all his stupid computer games that I was sure was addling his brain.
Try as I may, though, it's been a dull day, with my brain partly addled by pain-killers.
I vaguely remember a similarly soaked occasion when I was a child, where I tried to shake like a dog and my mother said it addled the brain.