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additive / добавка, присадка, примесь
имя существительное
additive, addition, adjunct, dopant, makeweight
impurity, admixture, addition, additive, touch, dash
имя существительное
a substance added to something in small quantities, typically to improve or preserve it.
many foods contain chemical additives
имя прилагательное
characterized by, relating to, or produced by addition.
an additive process
Judging by cases in which some apply but others do not, these three properties have roughly equal importance, and their effects are approximately additive .
Our prediction, however, was based on a test statistic for additive effects only.
This result is opposite of what is expected if the fitness effects are additive or multiplicative.
It shows that the genetic variances and covariances contributed by the additive and dominance effects cannot be fully controlled in the model.
A third possibility is that structural position and self-monitoring may have relatively independent, additive effects on performance in organizations.
These rates are greater than expected for additive or multiplicative effects of the single mutations.
Another alternative is to have the additive colors in small containers and have the students dip the brush in to get a small amount.
The artistic palette of colors, on the other hand, includes additive colors which include red, green and blue.
When environmental factors also play a role in the development of a trait, the term multifactorial is used to refer to the additive effects of many genetic and environmental factors.
He attributes this to their clumsy numeration system, a hybrid of the Babylonian sexagesimal system and an additive system in which each letter of the Greek alphabet stood for one value.