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additionally / дополнительно, кроме того, сверх того
additionally, extra
кроме того
moreover, besides, in addition, further, furthermore, additionally
сверх того
moreover, additionally, besides
as an extra factor or circumstance.
brokers finance themselves additionally by short-term borrowing
This logo will be displayed in all the member Banks' ATMs additionally so that the customers can easily identify and do the transactions.
Mist irrigation is additionally used for vanilla farming since it requires humidity.
She is additionally unhappy with the proposed catchment area changes.
He also failed a field sobriety test and was additionally charged with evidence tampering.
And additionally some of the facts are being retried.
This will work in some customers' favours but others will need to be additionally vigilant to ensure they do not get caught up by higher fees which push them deep into debt.
Furthermore, these devices should be additionally provided with scramblers to protect transmitted information.
Prices of food and drinks are very competitive and additionally , most places pass out free drinks and announce happy hours.
He has additionally carved a reputation as an accomplished explorer, wildlife photographer, philanthropist and international art collector.
The size of the central database can be additionally reduced by a factor of seven or eight by two methods.