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addition / дополнение, добавление, сложение
имя существительное
addition, complement, supplement, annex, addendum, adjunct
addition, appendix, supplementation, supplement, extension, adjunction
addition, shape, habit, make
имя существительное
the action or process of adding something to something else.
the hotel has been extended with the addition of more rooms
the process or skill of calculating the total of two or more numbers or amounts.
she began with simple arithmetic, addition and then subtraction
Bolton's nightlife is due to expand again with the addition of another trendy wine bar.
A community transport scheme has been given a major boost with the addition of an extra vehicle.
It can work on hair that is fine or thin with the addition of hair pieces or extensions.
Make old timber look new with the addition of vinegar and blasting it with a blowtorch.
the shop is a great addition to the village
The Count Hoot section of the site helps with addition and subtraction as well.
Basically they had to devise methods of multiplication and division which only involved addition .
The new year has brought some dramatic changes at the loch with the addition of three new fisheries.
They are great at the game of subtraction, when the game of parliamentary politics is addition .
That is addition , multiplication and the two inverse operations of subtraction and division.