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add-on / прибавляемая величина, добавление, дополнительный пункт
имя существительное
прибавляемая величина
addition, appendix, supplementation, supplement, extension, add-on
дополнительный пункт
имя прилагательное
additional, extra, surplus, supplementary, plus, add-on
additional, more, further, complementary, extra, add-on
auxiliary, subsidiary, supporting, secondary, accessory, add-on
имя существительное
something that has been or can be added to an existing object or arrangement.
we offer skiing lessons as add-ons to our chalet vacations
By listening to the professionals we will be able to find the best way to integrate these activities and plans into the existing curriculum rather than just having them as an add-on .
While debuts of entirely new software systems are rare, releases of upgrades and add-on modules that increase functionality are occurring at a rapid pace.
It will probably never appear in the official kernel, but can be used as an add-on package to increase the security of your Linux system.
Of course, as this process continues, more companies and organisations will see an opportunity to provide these services, perhaps as an add-on to their existing business.
cars with add-on extras
Most products are currently add-on devices - Bluetooth needs to be integrated before it will gain ground in the marketplace.
cars with add-on extras
the new kitchen replaces an add-on that was torn down in 1980
The disadvantage was that the bridge/router was a fairly expensive add-on device.
For example, consider a computerized appointment calendar that we might want to build as an add-on module to our existing address book.