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add / добавлять, сложить, прибавлять
add, add to, append, supplement, throw in, tag
fold, add, lay down, pile up
add, augment, intercalate, append, put on, dose
join (something) to something else so as to increase the size, number, or amount.
a new wing was added to the building
put together (two or more numbers or amounts) to calculate their total value.
they added all the figures up
say as a further remark.
“I hope we haven't been too much trouble,” she added politely
children learned to add and subtract quickly and accurately
Taste the dressing, being prepared to add more of any of the wet ingredients until it tastes balanced.
Mix the water and cream together and then add to the flour mixture.
Then add these numbers together - and work out their percentage out of the possible maximum of 30.
To calculate the total score, simply add these numbers together.
watch those air miles add up!
In return, the manufacturers said the original designs add a unique quality to their products.
City are desperate to add quality to a team which is not scoring enough.
They claimed the provisions add unnecessary costs and increase the bureaucratic burden on all farmers.
the canopy will add a touch of class to your bedroom