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adaptable / легко приспосабливающийся, поддающийся адаптации, поддающийся
имя прилагательное
легко приспосабливающийся
поддающийся адаптации
amenable, susceptible, capable, adaptable, accessible
имя прилагательное
able to adjust to new conditions.
rats are highly adaptable to change
It was endlessly adaptable to the changing social and economic landscape, and ruthless at ditching beliefs or leaders which stood in the way of power.
Proper organization and procedures are important but need to remain adaptable to changing circumstances.
In addition, this model must be replicable and adaptable to new products and services as they come to market.
Now the Home Office says that these guns are easily adaptable to fire live ammunition.
The unit is readily adaptable to aviation, automotive and marine modes with a minimum of effort.
Doctors need to be balanced, open, and adaptable to change.
Existing cell phones should be easily adaptable to work with the satellite system.
A remarkable amount of Toyota's hybrid technology is adaptable to fuel cells.
The till is adaptable to the individual needs of the retailer.
The receiver is of the flat-top variety with an accessory rail that is adaptable to most optical sights.