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adamant / непреклонный, твердый, несокрушимый
имя прилагательное
inflexible, adamant, inexorable, unbending, relentless, uncompromising
solid, hard, firm, strong, steadfast, adamant
adamant, adamantine
имя существительное
diamond, adamant
твердый минерал
имя прилагательное
refusing to be persuaded or to change one's mind.
he is adamant that he is not going to resign
имя существительное
a legendary rock or mineral to which many, often contradictory, properties were attributed, formerly associated with diamond or lodestone.
As for the magical metal, asiceton, it sounds like adamant .
College authorities are adamant that the issue has been dealt with.
But the peace protesters were adamant that civil disobedience was the only course of action left to them.
Findlay is no less adamant when it comes to future funding for the company.
We tried to persuade them to let us show the film at Edinburgh, but Venice's new director was adamant that we couldn't.
Sampson is adamant in her belief that language requirements for admission should be stricter.
However, the spokesman was adamant that the nursery had not been forced out of the church hall by rent increases.
However, Maria is adamant that gender has never been an issue in her career.
The mast has been shown to adhere to safe radiation levels but Ryan is adamant that it gives him headaches and dizzy spells.
As for the magical metal, asiceton, it sounds like adamant .
The group is adamant that these protests will continue until the club is closed.