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adagio / адажио
имя существительное
имя существительное
a movement or composition marked to be played adagio.
The striking thing about this album is the range of styles he dabbles in - from grand bossa novas to soft adagios .
имя прилагательное
(especially as a direction) in slow tempo.
During one adagio segment, solemn bells signal an ominous invasion, which soon occurs: strings swoop down like winged demons from a Gustave Doré print - several times.
Morgan used gorgeous music, the adagio from Mozart's Concerto in A Major for Clarinet and Orchestra, played lusciously by David Jones and the Kennedy Center Orchestra under conductor Ron J. Matson.
The adagio from the String Quartet Number 4 was a more contemplative, soothing piece.
The shorter second movement in C minor involves some more complex harmonies, and the last movement is the most interesting of the four - a fugal movement based on a chromatic theme, closing with an adagio section.
Furthermore, the adagio presents the violist and pianist with a tour de force: fourteen minutes of slow playing at a dynamic range restricted mostly to soft.
She began to tremble in fear when her heart's steady pace quickened into a fast-paced minuet, her breath's stable rhythm raced into a sixteenth note, and her feet's adagio tempo sped into a presto.
He remarked that the adagio speed requires ‘more ample movements’ than the allegro, where notes are ‘tossed off’, whereas in presto there is ‘great physical abandon’.
Rapture possesses an ecstatic energy in its allegro passages and an understanding and acceptance of life's struggles in its adagio section that reach the viewer unmediated by any kind of conceptual fanciness.
Sunny played the song again, but this time at a placid adagio place.
The adagio is indeed not too slow: it whizzed by me almost unnoticed.
The comedic and tragic aspects of his themes come together in an adagio section set to Peggy Lee's ‘Is That All There Is?’