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acuity / острота, острота зрения, острый характер
имя существительное
sharpness, acuteness, acuity, poignancy, yak, one-liner
острота зрения
острый характер
имя существительное
sharpness or keenness of thought, vision, or hearing.
intellectual acuity
intellectual acuity
Even the most peripheral characters are portrayed with acuity .
I have a hearing loss that limits my hearing acuity and comprehension to less than 50 per cent.
Although their hearing thus lacks acuity , anatomical studies suggest that their vomeronasal and olfactory systems are well developed.
Students were chosen on the basis of interest, intellectual acuity , career field, and career patterns.
Usually, the lower back is weak and sore, there is ringing in the ears and loss of hearing acuity , the face is ashen or dark, especially under the eyes.
In any case, sensitivity and acuity on the part of her editors should have meant the deletion of the worst of the inaccurate and offensive references, or the rejection of the piece as a whole.
Nothing is more important to the development of acuity in visual thought than drawing.
Here though, I'm uncertain whether Boshoff's chosen subject matter is able to carry both his intellectual acuity and visual dexterity.
visual acuity