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actuate / приводить в действие, приводить в движение, побуждать
приводить в действие
actuate, bring into play, call into being, deploy, call into existence, call into operation
приводить в движение
set in motion, drive, put in motion, propel, move, actuate
urge, incite, motivate, induce, impel, actuate
cause (a machine or device) to operate.
the pendulum actuates an electrical switch
cause (someone) to act in a particular way; motivate.
the defendants were actuated by malice
Yes, that is looking at ‘political’ even on a narrow view, that is, as what might ultimately actuate voters in exercising rights under sections 7, 24 or 128 of the Constitution.
Finally, the device driver for the appropriate device translates the commands to analog signals that actuate the device.
The moving cantilever can actuate another device or move a cam or wheel to generate rotary motion.
Because the pushrod doesn't actuate the valve, no combustion takes place.
Levers can incorporate interlocks, requiring the user to actuate a release mechanism before he or she can move the lever.
On appeal to the Court of Appeal, the defendant successfully argued that his belief that everything he said was true made it impossible as a matter of law to find that he was actuated by malice.
The 1 million-pound project is powered by electronic actuators , ensuring that visitors' experiences are as authentic as possible, as the motion follows the action on the screen.
The guns are actuated by a three-way switch on the spade grip of the stick.
The motive which actuates a peace officer in making a demand is not a relevant consideration when the demand has been acceded to.
He chopped the left throttle to the off position, actuated the left engine fire button, and turned the left engine master switch off.