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actuary / актуарий, секретарь, регистратор
имя существительное
secretary, clerk, scorekeeper, scribe, actuary, banian
recorder, receptionist, file, actuary
имя существительное
a person who compiles and analyzes statistics and uses them to calculate insurance risks and premiums.
In determining the actuarial surplus in a pension fund, actuaries make key assumptions.
He was an actuary in the Skandia Insurance Company from 1904 to 1907.
As well as teaching at the University of Copenhagen, he was the chief actuary for an insurance company.
A responsible actuary and pension fund trustees would never have allowed this to happen.
The assured is then paid the surrender value of the policy, which is calculated by an actuary on the basis of the amounts paid to date.
Without his job as an insurance actuary the 66-year-old Schmidt has no identity.
I am a pension actuary with 27 years' experience working with traditional defined-benefit pension plans.
We also provide modeling support to the actuaries working on customized insurance products for insurers or large corporations.
Life expectancy is a term used by actuaries , people who calculate statistics and probability for insurance use.
Should workers decide to take early retirement, it is assumed that their benefits will be reduced in an actuarially fair manner.
State regulators are adopting a new actuarial table that takes into account longer life spans.