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actualize / актуализировать, реализовать, осуществлять
actualize, foreground
realize, actualize, embody, encash, negotiate
realize, implement, exercise, execute, fulfill, actualize
make a reality of.
he had actualized his dream and achieved the world record
Recognize the potential; actualize the dream.
She was resolute about everyone's capacity to be free, and she insisted that we all do our absolute best to realize and actualize that capacity through
What this master couple has effectively accomplished is to actualize the great marital paradox: that people can only change if they don't feel they have to.
You can be a creator in professional aspects to actualize original plans and ideas that bring success, satisfaction and appreciation today.
You have the support you need to achieve success and actualize dynamic plans.
Huge global corporations embraced the whole concept and actualized their companies around a database and mainframe.
It ensures that the delay from the moment a decision is made to the actualization of that decision is at least two or three hours, if not more.
A very simple parallel can be drawn between actualisations of an enthusiasm for modifying cars and actualisations of an enthusiasm for computer gaming.
You come up with brilliant ideas and plans that are actualized without inviting opposition or competition.
[A] way-too-short informative clip (you want it to go on for days) features a typical Marin County self-help group talking about actualizing your dreams.