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actress / актриса, артистка
имя существительное
имя существительное
a female actor.
Each one of the actors and actresses assuming the roles of the cats are tremendously talented singers and dancers.
The playwright and the actress divorced in the month when The Misfits was released.
The girl in question went on to have a successful career as a comedy actress , in both television and film.
She may not have been a great actress but she was a star and she had it all.
She wants to be a dancer, an actress , a West-end star, but for now she serves me my burger and fries.
His father was a house painter and his mother Elenora Duse was related to a famous actress .
There are some fringe benefits to being an actress and one of those is meeting all those co-stars.
I always wanted to be famous, whether it be a pop star or an actress in theatre.
She was a singer not an actress , but we did a reading and I saw she could listen and make adjustments.
She wants to become an actress and attends auditions in a state of nervous euphoria.
She was a rising actress married to the scriptwriter and trombone player Bentley.