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activity / активность, деятельность, радиоактивность
имя существительное
activity, activism
activity, action, performance, working, practice, agency
radioactivity, activity
имя существительное
the condition in which things are happening or being done.
there has been a sustained level of activity in the economy
a thing that a person or group does or has done.
the firm's marketing activities
the degree to which something displays its characteristic property or behavior.
abnormal liver enzyme activities
Where it really falls down is that even in respect of private activity , employers can contract out of the protections.
Buses radiate out from Valletta bus station, which is a hive of activity from early morning until about 8pm.
Pardew said that the level of US business activity in Bulgaria was still not where it should be.
After breakfast, the house is bustling with activity and movement.
I am optimistic because there is already a brisk commercial activity under free market conditions.
As far as sexual activity is concerned, Jacobs explained, the role of testosterone is still not well defined.
Our goal is for the patient to perform the conditioning activity at a level that is similar to that of normal individual of the same age.
activity book
High levels of sexual activity were perceived as normative for both sexes.
She has not been engaged in a business activity to exploit her sporting prowess or to turn her talent to account in money.