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activate / активировать, активизировать, включать
activate, promote, stir up, render active
include, turn on, switch on, comprise, involve, activate
make (something) active or operative.
fumes from cooking are enough to activate the alarm
My telescope gathers about 2,000 times as much light as the unaided eye, enough to activate the cone cells in the human retina, so some color appears.
If this is not enough to activate an alliance, what is?
The energy that is required to activate molecules for a chemical reaction is the activation energy of the reaction.
But this offering is not enough to activate our intellect.
In Scotland, police were concerned enough to activate a nationwide intelligence centre to evaluate the terrorist threat north of the Border.
fumes from cooking are enough to activate the alarm
fumes from cooking are enough to activate the alarm
Although we could use a lot more rain, most of our fields have had enough to activate the herbicides and early weed control generally has been good.
It is almost impossible to deliver an inappropriate shock with an AED because the machine will allow the operator to activate the control only if an appropriate arrhythmia is detected.
Last week we had our first serious tornado watch with afternoon skies gone dark enough to activate the street lamps.