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action / действие, акция, деятельность
имя существительное
act, action, effect, force, influence, operation
action, share, move
activity, action, performance, working, practice, agency
имя прилагательное
combat, fighting, battle, militant, combative, action
имя существительное
the fact or process of doing something, typically to achieve an aim.
he vowed to take tougher action against persistent offenders
a thing done; an act.
she frequently questioned his actions
a manner or style of doing something, typically the way in which a mechanism works or a person moves.
a high paddle action in canoeing
a rearguard action
an action for defamation
How was it possible for someone as dumb and arrogant as Heath to make me blush with a simple action or word?
A former soldier who was in the thick of the action during the War told how he had met his match - in York.
If he fails to do so, he is held liable, whereas in an action for negligence the legal burden in most cases remains throughout on the plaintiff.
Syrup alone may act as a demulcent and provide antitussive action without side effects.
Problems included unspecified dosages, unclear information about drug action , and side effects of drugs.
Those killed in military action are represented as inflicting their own deaths.
Thankfully, that proved to be unfounded and we can continue to savour the prospect of some exciting action .
He moved the slide action back and forth, checking that the movement was smooth enough to meet his satisfaction.