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act / действовать, поступать, вести себя
act, operate, work, function, proceed, do
do, act, proceed, enter, deal, behave
вести себя
behave, act, do, conduct oneself, carry, walk
имя существительное
act, certificate, instrument, deed, report, statement
law, act, principle, ordinance, lex, jus
act, action, effect, force, influence, operation
имя существительное
a thing done; a deed.
a criminal act
a pretense.
she was putting on an act and laughing a lot
a written ordinance of Congress, or another legislative body; a statute.
the act to abolish slavery
a main division of a play, ballet, or opera.
The play's careful and logical division into five acts (which would have been marked by Intervals in indoor performance) would support this view.
take action; do something.
they urged Washington to act
behave in the way specified.
they followed the man who was seen acting suspiciously
fulfill the function or serve the purpose of.
they need volunteers to act as foster parents
take effect; have a particular effect.
bacteria act on proteins and sugar
perform a fictional role in a play, movie, or television production.
she acted in her first professional role at the age of six
American College Test.
Nerves were to the fore on opening night as the cast stuttered with their lines and generally put on a wooden performance in the first act .
Shipley's Labour MP said the Council must act quickly.
the impulses of hatred and killing which some human beings act out
governments must act to reduce pollution
Would she think I was just putting on an act , or would this be seen as coming on too strong?
The bombings were the act of criminal extremists.
an act of heroism
In order to acclimate him to the wild, Dolittle must teach him the ways of nature and how to act like a real bear.
The act of eating is important but it is always accompanied by speech.
he chose an attorney to act for him