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acrylic / акрил, синтетическое волокно, акриловая синтетическая смола
имя существительное
синтетическое волокно
acrylic, man-made fiber
акриловая синтетическая смола
acrylic, acrylic resin
имя прилагательное
имя существительное
an acrylic textile fiber.
a sweater in four-ply acrylic
an acrylic paint.
washes of white acrylic
имя прилагательное
(of synthetic resins and textile fibers) made from polymers of acrylic acid or acrylates.
a red acrylic sweater
There's a knit, fleece, cotton, or acrylic warmer waiting for you.
They are both seed stitch patterns, made with acrylic yarn.
This crack filler contains river sand in an acrylic polymer, which first appears milky white but dries clear and leaves only the speckled colored sand exposed.
Although these hobby weavers were using acrylic yarns, their skills caught the eye of expert weaver Rachel Brown when she came to the area to teach a spinning class.
Try water colours, acrylic paints, pastels and coloured paper, coloured modelling clay, ordinary air-drying clay, origami paper, rubber printing stamps and gel pens.
These irritants can include soaps, detergents, cosmetics, wool and acrylic clothing, linens, and perfumes.
Rachael says initially she uses different layers of acrylic to build up a painted surface on the canvas, a layered process of paint and latex.
All of the cloth bags are held together by an acrylic cord, and are stored in the cartridge case.
Ranging from flat and opaque to glasslike, Appel's acrylic paint is clearly hand-applied but with varying degrees of visible brushwork.
And she sported a pair of white cotton shorts on the beach and an acrylic and cotton blend sweater along with some white sneakers.