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acrobatics / акробатика, гимнастика, высший пилотаж
имя существительное
acrobatics, tumbling
gymnastics, gym, acrobatics, physical jerks
высший пилотаж
aerobatics, acrobatics
имя существительное
gymnastic feats.
goes through all sorts of financial acrobatics to make the monthly payments
The SkyHawks are known for their daring displays of aerial acrobatics .
To further bring joy to the occasion, some guests show off their skills at juggling and acrobatics .
Students majoring in martial arts roles go through a strict training, involving acrobatics and eurythmics.
At intervals throughout the show are astounding displays of gymnastics and acrobatics by talented women artistes.
The twins specialised in sports acrobatics , which differs from gymnastics in that there are no props used.
My stomach did an amazing feat of acrobatics and my knees buckled under me.
Fleet entertained him while he ate with stories of aerial acrobatics and daring airship battles.
Today's cheerleading is a unique mix of gymnastics, strength, acrobatics and dance.
So, to cut a long story short, we spent most of the day in that Sport Hall, most of it spent petrifying me by making me do all sorts of crazy acrobatics .
The usual acrobatics , tricks and skill demonstrations are there.