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acrimonious / желчный, язвительный, саркастический
имя прилагательное
biliary, bilious, jaundiced, acrimonious, choleric, splenetic
caustic, biting, acrimonious, waspish, incisive, spiteful
sarcastic, vitriolic, acrimonious, satirical, mordant, scoffing
имя прилагательное
(typically of speech or a debate) angry and bitter.
an acrimonious dispute about wages
It was a bitter, acrimonious divorce that involved lawyers and an emotional tug-of-war over access to Leon.
Up to now no-one outside the lifeboat station has a clue what the long-running and acrimonious dispute is all about.
Certainly the tone of her letters changes and the pace of the relationship becomes more settled, albeit fiery and sometimes acrimonious .
Questions were raised about cost, in an atmosphere that grew increasingly acrimonious .
It also reveals a rivalry between some of the top DJs that is certainly more friendly than acrimonious .
Tuesday's skirmish with the tribunal judges was merely the latest of many acrimonious bust-ups.
The relation between the two opposing camps was bitter and the interaction, acrimonious .
The discussions became acrimonious enough for Halifax to consider resigning.
After discussions, which at stages were acrimonious , payments were made.
I chose the more sophisticated outfit, but almost immediately an acrimonious dispute halted work.