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acquire / приобретать, получать, овладевать
purchase, acquire, get, gain, buy, take on
get, receive, obtain, gain, have, acquire
master, acquire, possess, hold, dominate, overwhelm
buy or obtain (an object or asset) for oneself.
Instead, tax will become payable automatically 30 days after the date that the purchaser acquires the property or land.
For junior officers to become good officers, they must acquire the necessary virtues.
John went on to acquire properties and land in and around the village for future preservation.
to acquire knowledge
Most teachers recognise that pupils vary in the speed and manner in which they grasp new ideas and acquire skills.
I'm not proposing that hopeful writers rush out to acquire a habit, you understand.
you must acquire the rudiments of Greek
On occasion, I also deal directly with the licensor to acquire art assets for use in the guide.
Just because a person eats cheese, they don't acquire the habits of a mouse for example.
Young men going out to work were having to stay longer if they were to acquire rural assets.
It becomes interesting and exciting only when we acquire some new skills physical or intellectual.