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acquiesce / уступать, неохотно соглашаться
give, concede, give in, yield, give way, acquiesce
неохотно соглашаться
имя существительное
submissiveness, submission, obedience, resignation, humility, acquiesce
accept something reluctantly but without protest.
Sara acquiesced in his decision
War is necessary, as a last resort, for resolving disputes between states that cannot agree and will not acquiesce .
However, to understand is not to acquiesce in or accept these developments.
If we do not make a stand, we will acquiesce to our positioning as mere spectators in the construction of our society.
No matter what side you're on, there are enough voters who either agree with you or acquiesce to you to win the election.
To argue otherwise now is to acquiesce in a rhetoric which those of us who accept universal human rights have no choice but to reject as racist.
Are they silently acquiescing to the policies of a government that is as mean as Scrooge?
Reluctant at first, he eventually acquiesced and has since taken the club from a lowly 20th to one of the four play-off spots.
Her mental maturity takes her from blind submission to condescending acquiescence .
This gives the impression that they're active on the world stage, even as they're quietly acquiescing in their own decline.
In cases of this type, the customer's failure to object to the respective entry is considered acquiescence in the charge so made.