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acquaintance / знакомство, знакомый, ознакомление
имя существительное
acquaintance, familiarity, knowledge, acquaintanceship, knowing
friend, acquaintance, contact
acquaintance, familiarization
имя прилагательное
acquainted, acquaintance, au fait
имя существительное
a person's knowledge or experience of something.
the students had little acquaintance with the language
a person one knows slightly, but who is not a close friend.
a wide circle of friends and acquaintances
It was the most amazing part of his acquaintance with her yet.
After graduating from Paris, Burman returned to India to renew his acquaintance with the tradition of the art and the culture of his native land.
Now, have you had opportunities, in the course of your acquaintance with Mr. Favreau, to watch him walk?
Intuition represents knowledge by ‘direct acquaintance with things.’
Our first acquaintance with power is, presumably, our experience of the power of personal agency.
Very clever, Valda, though some professional magicians of my acquaintance manage this trick with much more aplomb and good humor.
Caresses marks my first acquaintance with the work of the Catalan playwright Sergi Belbel - and I am certainly richer for the introduction.
Sentimental souls are invited to renew their acquaintance with the Warrumbungle National Park during its 50 year celebrations next month.
Despite the title, this play adds little to our knowledge or appreciation of Beckett although assuming a fairly comprehensive acquaintance with his works.
his extensive acquaintance included Oscar Wilde and Yeats