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acquaint / познакомить, знакомить, перезнакомить
acquaint, familiarize
meet, introduce, acquaint, acquaint with, initiate
make someone aware of or familiar with.
new staff should be acquainted with fire exit routes
‘So you'll take care of that,’ he continued, ‘and you'll acquaint Lieze with everything.’
you need to acquaint yourself with the house style
you need to acquaint yourself with the house style
After two afternoon workouts before the All-Star break to acquaint Caminiti with his new position, he started the second half at first base.
We wished to acquaint him with our quest and ask his assistance.
Drop in there any Tuesday evening at 8pm and get acquainted with the folk there.
Local security sources could have acquainted him with these facts if he had asked before making his assertions last Thursday.
The Labrador journeys acquainted Murie with both Indians and Eskimos from whom he learned durable skills and values.
I shall try to acquaint you with that abode of human misery.
Anticapitalism and the antiwar movement has pulled many to the Left without acquainting them with the nature of social and political power.