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aconite / аконит, борец
имя существительное
aconite, monkshood, wolfsbane, foxbane, friar's cap
fighter, wrestler, struggler, champion, bruiser, aconite
имя существительное
a poisonous plant of the buttercup family, which bears hooded pink or purple flowers. It is native to temperate regions of the northern hemisphere.
This would allow for the use of a variety of familiar medicinal herbs, including poisonous plants like aconite .
Have been necking vitamin C, zinc, garlic pills, gelsemium, aconite and lucozade in attempt to get rid of it.
Another doctor who killed his three wives, this time with aconite , escaped the hangman's noose by taking cyanide.
Licorice is combined with prepared aconite to counteract its toxicity.
Both Rehmannia six and Rehmannia eight, the latter with the addition of cinnamon bark and prepared aconite are the two most frequently prescribed formulas used for tonifying kidney yin and yang respectively
She was given Du Huo Angelica and Loranthes Combination (Du Huo Ji Sheng Tang) with the addition of 4 gms of prepared aconite to relieve the chronic arthritic condition and pains.
The Chinese medical diagnosis was water qi disease, thus ginseng and aconite were used, as indicated for yin type edema.
Pinellia combination with aconite - the strongest, with double aconite , it works overnight.
In the Book of Venoms, he listed arsenic, aconite , hellebore, laurel, opium, bryony, mandrake, leopard's gall, and menstrual blood.
Other plants in the fragrant garden include a cherry plum which is allegedly a remedy for stress and anxiety and aconite , a toxic plant which in small doses is claimed to be good for colds.
The Three Arterial Sedatives: veratrum, aconite and gelsemium.