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acne / угорь, угревая сыпь, прыщ
имя существительное
acne, eel, blackhead, pimple, grig
угревая сыпь
acne, pimple, whelk, pustule, blotch, pap
имя существительное
the occurrence of inflamed or infected sebaceous glands in the skin; in particular, a condition characterized by red pimples on the face, prevalent chiefly among teenagers.
In fact, androgen levels do not correlate with acne severity among people with acne .
Some dermatologists think that bars of chocolate and greasy fry-ups exacerbate acne .
he was clean-shaven with a face that had been ravaged by acne when younger
Fluctuating hormone levels that normally occur in adolescence can aggravate acne .
He was the kind of guy who never had to worry about acne and pimples because he never had them.
There is also no evidence that certain foods, such as fried foods or chocolate, cause or aggravate acne .
Anabolic steroids, sometimes used by body-builders, can cause acne as a side-effect.
Surely, there are greater crusades in life than fighting acne in adolescence and wrinkles in old age.
You can help prevent acne by gently washing your face twice a day with soap and warm water.
He has straight, mousey blonde hair and a pitted face which suggests he has suffered from acne at some point.
Certain occupations and activities seem to favour the formation of comedones or acne .