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acidly / едко, с кислой миной, холодно
tartly, acidly, poignantly
с кислой миной
coldly, chilly, icily, frigidly, frostily, acidly
with bitterness or sarcasm.
“Is it up to you to make that decision?” she asked acidly
‘Is it up to you to make that decision?’ she asked acidly
“Is it up to you to make that decision?” she asked acidly
His latest collection is an acidly funny series of stories tracing the brutal youth of Jonny, a fat, asthmatic, diabetic pariah.
She smiled acidly at the figure, gritting her teeth.
He doesn't like public attention and responds acidly to all forms of commendation.
‘I might say the same of you,’ Banks pointed out acidly .
That year, at the height of his hermetic glory, he released an album, brilliant and acidly political, called ‘Punch The Clock,’ which contained the single ‘Shipbuilding.’
When I'm pitching a fit, she'll fight me, but when I'm calmly angry and acidly articulate she knows not to push it.
Though much of what Stewart and his cronies say about the press is acidly contemptuous, even this plays to the bottomless narcissism of many journalists.
She smiled acidly at the road and then glanced at him.