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acidify / подкислять, окисляться, окислять
acidify, acidulate
oxidize, acidify, oxidate, acetify
oxidize, acidify, oxygenate, acidize, oxidate, oxygenize
make or become acid.
pollutants can acidify surface water
pollutants can acidify surface water
This might have generated enough debris to block out sunlight and trigger an ice age, enough sulfuric acid to acidify the oceans, and/or enough carbon dioxide to cause global warming by a greenhouse effect.
Bleach doesn't acidify water, but it does kill bacteria.
If you irrigate, and your water is also alkaline, acidify it with 2 teaspoons of vinegar per gallon of water.
pollutants can acidify surface water
To acidify soil, sprinkle two tablespoons of aluminum phosphate or sulfur around the shrubs in early fall.
If you must plant a pin oak in an alkaline environment, acidify the soil before planting.
In contrast to cereals or other crops, legumes are known to acidify the rhizosphere even when supplied with nitrates.
To acidify alkaline soils, mix in peat or acid fertilizer periodically.
Thus, prevention of nitrate leaching is an important step towards minimizing soil acidification .