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acidic / кислый
имя прилагательное
sour, acidic, acid, tart, vinegary, acidy
имя прилагательное
having the properties of an acid, or containing acid; having a pH below 7.
When this compound is dissolved in water, an acidic solution of hydrogen cyanide, also known as prussic acid, is produced.
sharp-tasting or sour.
acidic wine
of or relating to acid rock or acid house music.
These new acidic ventures sampled from different genres and emerged as a bizarre Teutonic glam.
An additional drawback of soaps is that they do not function properly at acidic pHs. Under these conditions, soap ions do not dissociate into their component ions.
Color, often manipulated and used to painterly effect, is an important element in all of these works, with hues ranging from acidic yellows and oranges to stormy blues and greens.
Further exposure to oxygen converts the acetaldehyde to acetic acid, the acidic component of wine vinegar, the wine-maker's bête noire.
The scene mercilessly loops through the ‘he said’ and ‘she said’ of a broken relationship while the brutal realities of class and skin tone differences keep the dialogue both acidic and poignant.
The subalkaline character of the magmatic activity, combined with the prevalence of acidic effusive rocks, is characteristic of an orogenic suite developed on continental crust.
We also shared a half litre of the house white, a Greek wine that was aromatic like a Riesling but more acidic and quite dry.
A fault of mine had always been that the most acidic responses came to mind at the most inopportune times.
This mineralogy is consistent with derivation from granitic or acidic high-grade metamorphic rocks.
One of these experiments yielded a crystalline material that had acidic properties.
This sound, heard in so many acidic shaman works, should be a background element, like the quaint white noise on psychedelic Beatles records or the woefully misplaced pan flutes in digital new age music.