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ache / боль
имя существительное
pain, hurt, ache, anguish, distress, complaint
hurt, be ill, ache, pain, sicken, ail
whine, ache, complain, hurt, nag, kvetch
имя существительное
a continuous or prolonged dull pain in a part of one's body.
the ache in her head worsened
an emotion experienced with painful or bittersweet intensity.
an ache in her heart
(of a person) suffer from a continuous dull pain.
I'm aching all over
feel intense sadness or compassion.
she sat still and silent, her heart aching
feel an intense desire for.
she ached for his touch
Unhappy endings linger in your mind, leaving an ache in your heart and a problem to resolve.
Their death always leaves an ache in the heart which can take a long time to heal.
At the end you want to rush out of the theatre into the sunshine, raise your arms to the heavens and wait for lightning to strike you, just to relieve the ache in your heart.
Our hearts ache , we count the days, we weep with her family, sharing their pain and sorrow.
Beth watched the pair of them, father and son, the scene evoking an ache of tenderness in her.
The figures ache with yearning yet wear expressions of thrilled surrender and delirious abandon.
It seemed then a meager justification for manipulating my little brain and heart, yet an ache for wild beauty does command me.
the ache in her head worsened
No tears had fallen and there was still a deep ache in my heart.
There's a sense of nostalgia, an indefinable ache , that crystallises the artist's repertoire at a certain point in time.