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acetate / ацетат, соль уксусной кислоты
имя существительное
соль уксусной кислоты
имя существительное
a salt or ester of acetic acid, containing the anion CH 3 COO − or the group —OCCH 3.
Benzyl acetate , from acetic acid, has a jasmine odor.
cellulose acetate, especially as used to make textile fibers or plastic.
acetate silk
After the introduction of aspirin, he had developed not only several more drugs but also cellulose acetate, acetate silk, and acetate safety film before leaving Bayer in 1908 to establish his own factory in Berlin.
For example, companies bond an acetate or succinate molecule to Vitamin E to stabilize it.
A length of dental floss was stretched from the tip of the pharynx to the tip of the tail of each worm, and the length in centimeters was recorded from the dental floss on a sheet of acetate overhead projector film.
One tiny dot of glue per shape is all that is needed to tack down the tissue to the acetate .
TRANSPARENCY TRACINGS Transparency tracing of wound surface area consists of outlining the wound perimeter on acetate transparent film.
I had already drawn the leaf shape on the acetate for the students to save time.
Caution should be used when wearing acetate or an acetate blend fabric and using any acetone containing product.
A more extensive study involving 86 CD patients examined the effect of 50,000 IU vitamin A acetate twice daily or placebo for an average of 14.1 months.
Lurid and Eridsen used a sodium acetate buffer with some samples, but could not obtain satisfactory results.
A final suggestion for getting images onto clear plastic sheets for this and other projects is to use an acrylic medium and transfer the ink-jet printed image to the acetate .