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ace / туз, ас, очко
имя существительное
point, run, pip, ace, pontoon, mesh
имя прилагательное
outstanding, prominent, eminent, distinguished, remarkable, ace
получать очко одним ударом
получать высшую оценку
имя существительное
a playing card with a single spot on it, ranked as the highest card in its suit in most card games.
the ace of diamonds
a person who excels at a particular sport or other activity.
a motorcycle ace
(in tennis and similar games) a service that an opponent is unable to touch and thus wins a point.
She got the match off to a lightning start, opening with a love service game including two aces .
имя прилагательное
very good.
an ace swimmer
(in tennis and similar games) serve an ace against (an opponent).
The balance and agility you gain will have you leaping above your opponents at beach-volleyball matches, acing your game on the tennis court and more.
Army Corps of Engineers.
Your opponent has only one card left and you know it is the ace of trumps.
Using her trusty seven wood, the ace came at the 143-yard eighth hole.
People have these fantasies that we live in a world where mum and dad are both ace parents and have wonderful relationships with their children and with each other.
But his next goal is to become the oldest person ever to record an ace .
All I wanna know is why this ace MC is wasting his time with a throwaway re-hash of every track about a shorty ever written.
The Sheffield-born ace will become the Blues' boss eighth signing since he took over from Joe Royle and takes his spending to around £4m.
Prior to that, I was an active high school golfer, and I was about a 10-handicapper when I made my first ace at age 15.
THE I-BAR sizzled with Salsa beats last weekend when ace Salsa dancers thrilled Bangalore's party circuit with the latest in Latino and Salsa rhythms.
It was my first ace , and I was so happy she was there to witness the shot.
He provided the highlight on Saturday with an ace at the par three 2nd hole, his second ace in five weeks!