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accustom / приучать, привыкать
accustom, teach, habituate, inure, school, break
get used to, accustom
make (someone or something) accept something as normal or usual.
I accustomed my eyes to the lenses
This will build up your stamina and accustom your body to such long distance walking.
they tried to accustom him to their lighthearted ways
A democratic version of the debutante ball, the prom was originally intended to accustom working-class kids to the manners and values of the middle class.
Some people milk the does twice a day and give the kids bottles, which is labor-intensive but helps accustom kids to human handling.
Many trainers and hunters want to accustom their dogs to the scent of the birds and animals they will be hunting.
I looked around blindly, trying to accustom my eyes to the light.
It can be viewed with the naked eye - if the skies are clear - though experts suggest waiting at least 20 minutes to accustom your eyes to the darkness.
Science fiction, wrote Asimov, ‘can first, and most important, accustom the reader to the notion of change.’
I blinked repeatedly, trying to accustom my eyes to the bright light from the sun.
For every 1000m we ascended, we took an acclimatisation day where we stayed at the same for height for two nights but walked higher than we slept during the same day to accustom the body to the lack of oxygen.