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accuse / обвинять, винить, предъявлять обвинение
blame, accuse, indict, charge, prosecute, denounce
accuse, rebuke
предъявлять обвинение
indict, accuse, panel, lodge, assert, pursue
charge (someone) with an offense or crime.
he was accused of murdering his wife's lover
We deal with vicious attacks on our profession all the time without whining and attacking our accusers , so should they.
It is ironic that if he had been accused of sex crimes while working with children, he would almost certainly have been placed on secret lists which schools have access to.
He only turns to crime for revenge when he is accused of the attempted murder of a policeman.
Coming into the Olympics, the British sprinters' heads were bowed by the weight of their accusers and they ran as if carrying the cares of the world.
For an ignorant and easily bored electorate such as ours there is an advantage that accrues to accusers .
Their defence will claim the secret information they were accused of gathering is freely available in books and on the Internet and that they were simply keen plane spotters at a public air show.
He found himself doubting the veracity of the charges but couldn't bring himself to accuse the accusers of lying.
No traitor, and a scholar of great learning whose modesty humbled his accusers , he met his death with the greatest dignity.
This forced the federal government to give up interference with the legal proceedings and the tribunals ended up acquitting us from the crimes we were accused of .
to accuse sb of sth