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accusatory / обвинительный, обличительный, разоблачающий
имя прилагательное
accusatory, accusatorial, accusing, condemnatory, incriminatory, inculpatory
accusatory, criminative, comminatory
disrobing, accusatory
имя прилагательное
indicating or suggesting that one believes a person has done something wrong.
he pointed an accusatory finger in her direction
Avoid ‘why’ questions because they can be perceived as accusatory .
Ignoring their needs and interests and pointing accusatory fingers won't help.
He approached me and thrust a thick, square, accusatory finger in my face.
In fact, when this death metal band receives any recognition from the mainstream press at all, it is nearly always in the form of an accusatory finger.
It will be a pointing, accusatory finger and a baleful cry of ‘we told you so’.
He just jabs us in the chest with an accusatory finger and hopes that guilt at our ignorance will keep us quiet.
There was a commotion outside the office - loud, accusatory voices.
In the distance we see the headland that is our destination: Cape Palinuro, an accusatory finger jutting its way into the sea.
He pointed an accusatory finger at the television medium for aggressively promoting films made for the market.
Inspiration for the move came after hordes of late-coming executives pointed accusatory fingers at the transport system.