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accusation / обвинение, обвинительный акт
имя существительное
charge, prosecution, accusation, indictment, accusing, blame
обвинительный акт
indictment, accusation
имя существительное
a charge or claim that someone has done something illegal or wrong.
accusations of bribery
The Stegner program was designed to avoid any accusation that a writing degree was a soft option.
A blistering run from Greene, and one provoking no accusation of drug cheating, might still save the day.
He creeps toward me low to the ground, with a whiny growl of misery and accusation .
Such practices of accusation and defense have an important place in morality and law.
Once at the door, the memories halted and the silence accosted her with a tone of accusation .
You could not conceivably get more resentment and accusation than is documented there.
The blonde with tears running down her cheeks starts crying harder but her blue eyes have a hint of accusation in them.
There was accusation in her voice, and he felt his heart go heavy at it.
The muzzle of the gun just stared Czerell in the face like an unblinking eye of accusation .
there was accusation in Brian's voice